New spring offers by Nexcom

Since mid-March Nexcom launches new spring offers for its current and new customers. The clients can now significantly optimise the cost for telecommunication services they use and to get twice more content for the money they pay.  
By the end of April, Nexcom will be doubling the number of services available to corporate customers. When ordering a phone line, businesses will be given two lines. Those among them that purchase 1 Mbps internet speed will automatically be granted double this speed. To businesses that prefer a combination of a phone line and 1 Mbps of internet, the company will be providing a second free-of-charge line and twice faster internet speed. The customers therefore will be charged no installation and monthly subscription fees for getting the second line and the extra 1 Mbps of speed. The promotional price of the package of 2 phone lines and 2 Mbps of internet is 59.90 BGN. 

When prepaying the monthly subscription fee for 5 or 9 months for using the services they use, customers will be granted another one to three months for free. This way they will be able to save between 17 and 25 per cent of their monthly fees.  

The services of Nexcom are now offered in more than 30 cities, towns and villages all over the country via the company’s WiMAX network. Nexcom provides free equipment for the period of the contract. Nexcom provides the services to the client within an exceptionally short period of time.



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