The telephone service by Nexcom is a complete alternative to the fixed voice telephony, offered by the traditional operator. The customers get a new telephone line, with a number from the numeration plan of Nexcom and thus they can make long-distance and international calls, city calls and also calls to mobile operators in Bulgaria.

The new thing about the service is that the customer needs only an Internet connection in order to use the telephone, as it is IP based. The internet connectivity might be provided by Nexcom or other internet provider.

The service is offered as a postpaid variant with a subscription fee or as a prepaid tariff plan, including minutes for city, long-distance and international calls. The service is suitable for residential and business clients. The calls among the customers of the Nexcom network are free and unlimited.

Telephone service supports additional functions such as Call waiting, Call hold, Call forwarding, Voice mail, Call barring etc.

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